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Weed Management

There is no such thing as lasting, fast-fix lawn treatments using pesticides. As a preference to chemical treatment, simple, but effective weed control may be achieved by lawn mowing often at the time of spring. This will protect against dandelions from proliferating on your spring lawn by getting rid of the yellow blossoms and therefore, avoiding the formation and distribution of seeds. Set your lawn mower to high during late spring and early summer. This will enable grass blades to shade the ground, and will help prevent crabgrass from sprouting in your yard.

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Optimal Soil Quality For Your Grass

When the quality of your soil is favorable, your local Naples lawn care specialist will know which sort of grass to sow according to the growing conditions and weather of your neighbourhood.

If for example your location is rainy most days of the year, it will be suitable to sow the type of grass that needs to have lots of water. A thicker lawn will help to outdo the weeds. A vibrant lawn, with longer grasses, just about three inches, can give the weeds tough time to root and flourish.

An important advantage to having a healthy lawn is that it can hold off destruction from injurious weeds, pests and illnesses. Longer grass will also have the benefit of less pest turmoil. Longer grass has strong roots and can hold water better. Appropriate thickness of thatch grown in the grass must be monitored so as not to inhibit the water and nutrients to reach the roots of the grass.

Lawn care specialists recommend that you water your lawn or garden in the morning, if at all possible between the hours of six and nine and ideally in short time duration so the soil will be able to absorb the water.

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