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Our lawn care professionals can address your lawn care issues by checking on your lawn throughout the year. The most effective lawn treatment starts with the essentials. From weed control and lawn fertilizing to aeration and tree and hedge care, we can ensure that your lawn care requirements are fulfilled year-round. We have various lawn care strategies you can choose from.

Green Lawn Care

We can transform your lawn into the envy of the neighborhood by grooming a gorgeous green lawn. When it concerns lawn care in Lely, it assists to keep in mind that your lawn is a living, growing field composed of many individual grass plants.


Lawn Repair

Lawn repair service in Lely gives weed control programs that consist of feeding and preserving a lawn, to lawn restoration. Our emphasis is giving appropriate nutrients and promoting appropriate lawn care and plant wellness to naturally battle weeds. We practice incorporated pest management and use one of the most up to date weed controls and management techniques to guarantee you noticeably fewer weeds every year!

Grass Cutting Service

Our lawn care company in Lely was founded on the modest lawn cut and lawn mowing remains our signature service. We can expertly take care of any residential or commercial property and supply total lawn cutting service: cutting of the lawn, trimming along beds and paved areas and blowing or sweeping of all paths, outdoor patios and driveways.

Attentive To Your CustomLawn Care Requirements

If you are looking for grass cutting service that takes genuine pleasure in his lawn maintenance work then search no further.

Some of the factors that we do differently than other lawn maintenance companies in the Lely area is the detailed work that we will do each and every time we come out to mow your yard. We look forward to earning your business!

The Best Soil For A Green Lawn

In the event that you are fortunate enough to have a lawn with a good topsoil base, a great deal of the hard work of maintaining your grass green is already provided you. But many of us do not possess this privilege, and besides, despite having a good topsoil, generally there is nevertheless backbreaking maintenance work to be carried out a consistent schedule. This is when a good lawn care service company is worth every penny. Professional lawn care specialists can help with the planning and maintenance of your lawn, your garden and entire landscaping.

Here are a number of custom lawn care basic tips on how you can have the best soil for a green lawn and a wholesome garden.

1. Add compost to the soil.

Blending your soil with compost makes it better aerated and it will hold on to water far more efficiently than soil that has not been enriched with compost. The compost also introduces more nutrients to the soil which will aid your plants and grass to grow.

Putting together compost can take a while. There are two basic techniques of composting: active composting, wherein you take a systematic approach in producing compost, takes about a month.

The second method, passive composting, is where you let nature take its course with the organic materials. This technique is much longer to execute.

2. Adding mulch on your turf

Mulch is a form of organic material that you can place on top of your soil. It can range from cut grass to bark. Using mulch on the soil will help the soil retain water much better and prevent it from eroding quickly.

3. To fertilize or not?

Lawn fertilizers can put nutrients in your soil but it is very important to respect the recommended measure as per the label of the fertilizer’s canister. In fact, an excessive amount of fertilizer can have damaging impacts on your soil and the environment as a whole.

Never over use inorganic fertilizers to eliminate weeds because it can produce very thick layers of thatch. Be aware that certain types of grasses are susceptible to thatch growth.

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The lawn inside your yard creates either quality or bad ambiance. A gorgeous lawn and a well create landscaping, can provide a delightful relaxation area for your family.

A successful landscape is one that lasts a long time. But if you’re asking yourself what the secret is for a landscape’s longevity, then the answer is in the soil If your soil is good, then your garden, your plants and your grass will have the best condition to grow.

Not every soil is intended for growing lush green grass or healthy plants. More often than not, there are several basic items you ought to do before anything else prior to you can plant anything in your frontyard or backyard. For you to grow a terrific lawn or garden, you will require to put together a fertile soil with the suitable acidity balance, nutrients and correct consistency.

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The best time for lawn mowing

The most efficient time for lawn mowing is when it is cool and dry. Wait for the morning dew to dry off the turf and before the afternoon heat takes hold. Alternatively, late afternoon, early evening or following a watering in the morning are also a good time for lawn mowing.

After lawn cutting, allow some of the grass trimmings remain for they will be taken in as nutrients to the soil. Also allow your lawn to breathe by extracting small amounts of soil once a year. This will aerate the roots of the grass.

Using a lawn mower

Whenever making use of the lawn mower be sure that the container of petrol does not have any leak. Such containers can also emanate hydrocarbons, which are harmful to the environment. You have to use the suitable containers. Fuel the equipment over a concrete or asphalt area and use a funnel to avoid spillage or splashing of gasoline to the lawn and to the equipment itself. Find a well-ventilated area where you can conduct the refueling in order to diffuse the vapors. Always keep the gasoline in a properly fastened container and in a cool and dry area.

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